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    Does anyone here own a raspberry pi?

    The raspberry pi is finally on the market and it sold so fast, the site went down like under a DDOS attack!

    I did think of buying one, but I don't have a spare set of peripherals and it's too much trouble to unharness the Scenic and plug something else in instead. Has anyone here bought one? And if so, what is it like?
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    I was one of the contributors to the DDOS attack, i pie for me. i'm on the list though. i figure for $35, it's worth getting one and i'll just use peripherals temporarily to set it up. then once i've got it on the LAN and I can browse/ssh to it, detach everything and promptly forget entirely about it.

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    It will do 1080p - and at about 4W is both more powerful and less power-hungry than my media centre PC. For about 25 quid, it'll pay for itself in about half a day the way my kids hammer the media box. Can't get one for love or money at the moment, though.
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    I know, quick sell out. Was going to buy one, will when they go back for sale. 1080p video at $35? Count me in. Ill stick it to the back of an old tv and bamm! Media center. Usb stick laying around for storage and your golden. Ill have it get the $35 version thou, need the hdmi so the usb ports are open for storage and wifi adaptor.

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    I don't think anyone got their pi's since there was a manufacturing error according to

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