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Hi Everyone! I wanted to see if anyone else has tried Bodhi. I am pretty new to Linux but have tried several of the popular distros in my short time ...
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    Trying Bodhi Linux

    Hi Everyone!

    I wanted to see if anyone else has tried Bodhi.

    I am pretty new to Linux but have tried several of the popular distros in my short time (I love to tinker) and found a few that I liked but now that I have been running on Bodhi for about a week, I think I like it better than any. Has anyone else had any experiences with it good or bad?

    I have it installed on a small partition to try for now but I'm contemplating removing my Xubuntu in favor of Bodhi fulltime.

    --My thoughts so far ---
    It seems perfect for someone like me that is decent with computers and likes to tinker with stuff but is not the computer programmer or developer type that can successfully use Arch. I love that E17 (Bodhi's window manager/DE) lets you change an setting you want. Also, being a very lightweight distro is a huge selling point to me. It runs fast on my older computer but bc it is based on ubuntu I/m finding that I can still easily add most anything I want.

    Anyways, I basically wanted to see if anyone else is using/has used it and see their opinions and throw my opinion (so far) out there.

    P.S.- I have to thank forum member 'jmadero' (I think) for mentioning E17 when I first was moving to Linux. I came across Boshi when I decided to search for E17 distros

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    I think jmadero uses and really likes Bodhi so you have a kindred spirit there. I tried it but don't like E17 that much so it didn't last for long! It was nearly as lightweight as CrunchBang which is a remarkable feat for anything based on Ubuntu
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    I tried Bodhi and had rather a bad experience trying to install it. It uses the Ubuntu installer, which is called ubiquity and seems to be written in python. It crashed on my machine, which is just as well, as it was doing a lot of things I didn't like and giving me no choice about them. I soon scrubbed the new partition it made.

    The Bodhi interface is pretty, judging from the live disc. There's very few apps; you have to install practically everything you want. I decided I didn't care for it at all.
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    I tried it, and didn't have any problems, but decided I prefer other distro's more. The great thing about linux, is we can all have what we want, and aren't forced to use someone else's idea of the best compromise.
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    I've not played with Bodhi.
    But, as you've seen from the previous comments, it is liked and disliked.
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    Personally, I don't have a feeling for E17... but that's just me.

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    I tried it on a USB key, and although I love the principle of Bodhi, I found it to be a bit buggy for me (that's E17 in general though). Customizability is a tough trade for stability imo. It's pretty though . I just wish they could get the kinks worked out a bit more.

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