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    Most of the BSD kernel source is on their servers.

    Like anything when it comes to practicality and support, its all based on reputation and how well the community perceives its usefulness. I believe your wrong when it comes to how big or small the BSD's are.

    As PC-BSD has proven to everyone time again, its not that people don't like the BSD's, it's that majority of people are dependent on a GUI and the moment you place them in front of a primarily command line based system that requires them to set it up via command they lose interest, it all becomes too hard.

    The thing that is daunting is the same thing that gets you hooked.

    Its the fact that the BSD developers don't want to or need to introduce a GUI into their mainline system is the reason they stay "smaller" than persay Linux. I could guarantee you that if the BSD's were to take the Linux style of route, you would find that most of them would be just if not more popular than the majority of Linux distributions. There are some big advantages to BSD and licensing is one of them.
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