I've been using Mint, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora on various virtual machines and some desktops for a while along with my windows machines and an Apple OSX. I recently gave my 20 something year old daughter my laptop and chose Mint as the operating system for the laptop for her. It was designed and built for Vista but was forever looking for drivers and updates and slowing down. It had major problems with XP but ran Windows 7 reasonably.

Putting Mint on it was like suddenly finding my old plough horse had wings! Everything, and I mean everything including the very troublesome bluetooth, just worked. The laptop runs like a dream, is so easy to use that my daughter's friends all try to use it when they visit her rather than using their various iphones and ipads.

The only thing missing (which my daughter asked me about later) were some games as Mint did not install any with the default install. No problems, I just told her over the phone how to find some using the software manager and she and Mint did the rest.

Hope you enjoy Mint as much.