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    Starting from scratch

    So, after hearing about Linux for years, I have now become more intrigued about it.
    I decided to check my local library, only to find there are a plethora of books about it.
    I then decided to check the good old internet, again, to find a substantial amount of information on the OS.

    My spare time is becoming less and less due to family and work, therefore, I don't want to "waste" my time by reading useless (or indeed, less useful) information.

    So, my question is this, where do I start?

    Keep in mind I have zero knowledge of Linux, and even less knowledge in computer coding/programming (not sure if this is necessary).

    I want to learn as much as I can about the system and I do (at some point) wish to learn some computer languages.

    Are there any books that are the be all and end all of Linux? Are there books out there that are more credible than others?

    It may even help if you tell me how you got into Linux yourself.

    Many thanks, and I look forward to your replies.


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    If I may, here's a helpful article from my blog that may answer many of your questions.

    Holler if you need some more assistance.

    Have FUN with it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcaptain View Post
    So, my question is this, where do I start?
    Hello and welcome!

    The best place to start in my opinion is by choosing a distribution, then downloading and installing it. You can read everything that's ever been written about Linux and still not know how to make it work for you if you haven't installed and used it. Check the link in my signature for a couple of quizzes to help you with choosing your first distribution(s).

    As for books, they generally become outdated fairly quickly, but there are some that remain popular among Linux users such as Running Linux (published by O'Reilly).

    Good luck with your journey!

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    Free online book:

    Somewhat dated, but much of it (the theory and the terminal usage) is still relevant today.

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    I just recently got into Linux and programming and I totally agree with oz. Just pick distro! I picked Ubuntu because that is the best for beginners. You don't need to know programming to use some distributions of Linux. You can get a book but I find things like Youtube videos very helpful. Best wishes!!!

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