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    major software / open source software ?

    Well , I kind of came to the conclusion that open source software is not so centralized any more (probably be the fact that alot of things are switching to decentralized repos like git ,...etc

    So the question where is the major software being hosted doesn't make much since. Now a days it could be put any where google , sourceforge , savannah...million other sites.

    savannah list these potential places
    Software projects for hosting projects, with their source code:

    * Savane: Savane clean-up - Summary [Savannah] and - what we use! (PHP, Perl)
    * Trac: The Trac Project - integrated SVN/wiki/tracker for a single project; variants for other VCS exists as non-official plugins
    * InDefero: Indefero - Code Hosting and Project Management - mimics Google Code with a clean and simple interface, git repos need to be created manually, Apache has write access on SVN so beware of security/isolation if you're hosting more than 10 projects (PHP)
    * Redmine: Overview - Redmine - multi-projects, integrated tracker/wiki/browser/gantt (Ruby [on Rails], GPLv2+)
    * LibreSource: (Java/J2EE, SQL/GPLv2??)
    * FusionForge: FusionForge: Welcome - forked from the same original code base than Savannah, a long time ago in 2001 (PHP, GPLv2+)

    With hosting:

    * Tuxfamily: TuxFamily: Free hosting for free people - Savannah-like free software hosting facility - code
    * - first public Git hosting facility, runs a modified version of gitweb as the main interface + a minimum chroot'd environment + a few crons - code (Perl + shell)
    * Gitorious: Gitorious - Git hosting with another web viewer - code (Ruby on Rails)
    * ShareSource: ShareSource Open source code and project hosting. - code
    * Alioth: Alioth: Welcome - aimed at Debian projects - code
    * Launchpad: - centered on Bazaar and Ubuntu (Python, AGPL3, but non-free artwork) - code
    * - this site is ahem now defunc, but I could trace a copy of the code here code
    * Allura: - SourceForge? apparently saw the light and went back to free software development with Allura; can somehow check the coverage of the released code? For instance, do they provide the scripts to mass-installing and mass-maintaining mediawiki/trac/etc. that powers their service?

    (Note that we do not list projects that advertise a proprietary version)
    My question is more where was the major open source projects/code originally hosted ?

    Basically I am trying to understand how the where the bulk of the code evolved from and how it got distributed (i.e the flow of the code to different repo's )

    To make the analogy linux and most all other operating systems branch from unix. There are many sites displaying the different branches of linux os's came from.
    But I am curious more about where the different open source projects first got started/host from.

    I know keeping track of the major stuff/code now a days is a lost cause for open source since anybody can work on it.

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