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    Question Help a student. System security vs Network Technology(cisco vs redhat)

    Hello and thank you for your time. Im seeking an aa degree and im torn between systems security and network tech. I want something that can get me employed immediatly. I live in MD so there should be plenty of job prospects.

    Can I get employed in systems security simply with an a.a degree?

    In my schools network tech degree there are 3 options linux, redhat, and cisco. Which is better for employment opportunities? Why?

    Thank you for your insight.

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    If system security and network technology are anything like programming, the number of employment opportunities will increase with the amount of knowledge one possesses. How many North Americans with programming diplomas cannot get jobs? A degree is only one factor.
    Also, employment opportunities and salary are not the only considerations. Whether or not one enjoys the work is also an important consideration. Working at a job one hates makes life hell. My advice is pick the option you like the best (are most interested in) and be as good at it as you can be. If you have sufficient ability (In other words, actually know what you are doing.) your employment prospects will be better, and if you get a job in your chosen field, you will have a job you like.

    Good luck.

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    As well as the degree, try and get yourself some relevant experience by helping out a local charity or non-profit. That way you will stand out from ~90% of graduates
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