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    Today I had a weird experience

    My local doctors' surgery is closing down and I was told to go and register somewhere else. There is in fact a practice closer to my home, so I went there a few days ago and collected some registration forms to fill in.

    Today I went back with the completed forms and proof of ID. I was told to "get a ticket from the machine behind the screen" as I couldn't register without one. There was indeed a screen, and what looked like a weighing machine behind it. I stepped up and a robotic voice told me to "press the green button and stand up straight." Then it measured not only my weight but my height as well. Next I was told to put my left hand (without watch) into a rubber cuff, and it measured my blood pressure and heartbeat. After a few seconds, a ticket emerged with all the data on it to present to the receptionist.

    I've never had my vital signs measured by a robot before. Is this kind of thing normal these days?
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    So it appears that even medical personnel are not immune from cutbacks, and layoffs. The next thing you know, it will be the robots doing the surgeries, too!

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    Can't say I've experienced that. Wasn't this guy was it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    Wasn't this guy was it?
    I had forgotten about him!

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    I have seen this at shopping malls and some drug stores here in Mexico, like "Your height and weight for a $1" , some had the rubber cuff for the blood presure, other have some handles that you grab and it gives you body-fat index. But never at a medical practice, seems like a good idea though.

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    Sounds like something from the future. I've never heard of such a thing. It's very interesting though, thanks for sharing.
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    The cool calm hand of technology - a robot that won't give you a lecture while reading your vital signs, has no axe to grind over making you 'more healthy' and eat less fatty foods, it just blindly records the plain and uncomplicated data without assigning meaning. And, if you have your own pen-drive, you can reboot it into SLAX and browse the internet...
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