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  • vim/gvim

    11 50.00%
  • emacs

    2 9.09%
  • nano/pico

    2 9.09%
  • leafpad/mousepad

    1 4.55%
  • gedit

    5 22.73%
  • KEdit/Kate

    3 13.64%
  • Other

    4 18.18%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Linux Engineer hazel's Avatar
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    May 2004
    Harrow, UK

    What editor do you use? And why?

    My favourite editor is probably gvim. I like it because it's so flexible: I can use vim commands when I can remember them, and menus or icons when I can't. And it does syntax checking too.
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    Linux Newbie mactruck's Avatar
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    I use emacs because that is what we use at work. We use exceed and emacs seems to work pretty good with it. I have tried vim and gedit but not enough to like or dis-like them.

    Great poll question. I might have to try out some different editors.

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    May 2004
    arch linux
    I voted "other" because I'm currently running KDE4, and I always use Kwrite when running that.

    When running Gnome, I always use Gedit.

    When running Xfce, or any standalone window manager, I always use Leafpad.

    When running a console in Linux, I generally use vi for the majority of work to be done, but will sometimes use nano if it's some minor edit to be done.

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    Penguin of trust elija's Avatar
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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    I use vim when on a server otherwise it is mostly gedit or an appropriate IDE (which probably doesn't really count as other). I must try gvim as it has the potential to replace gedit. I have recently tried emacs but don't like it much however, joe is a good editor especially if you remember Wordstar!
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    Other, Geany. Out of X. nano.

    Oh yeah, Why?

    Just used to em. Know my way around em.
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    Blackfooted Penguin daark.child's Avatar
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    Depends what I am doing. For sysadmin work, I tend to use vim/gvim, but for developing I like KATE.

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    Linux Engineer MASONTX's Avatar
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    I hardly ever use this, so for the few times I do, I just use the default gedit.
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    I have only tried to use two. nano and gedit.

    Between the two, I prefer "nano" since working in the terminal never fails to give me a false sense of being a certified geek.
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    Administrator jayd512's Avatar
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    For most things, I go for vim. It can be used on any distro with any DE/WM, so it's always a goto option.
    For really small things, though, I'll sometimes use Mousepad.

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    Linux Engineer hazel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    Other, Geany. Out of X. nano.
    I deliberately didn't include geany because I regard it as an IDE, not a workhorse editor. I use geany for all my programming; it's better than gvim for that because it shows multiple program files simultaneously and allows you to jump to any given function. But I still swear by gvim for all other uses.
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