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    what distro for you......... or for me

    I have chewed through various distros lately.
    And tell the truth its unbelievable the choices you have all thanks to the many dedicated buffs out there.
    Simply the questions to ask your self is what is it you want ?

    1. I want to ditch windows and its constant updates, viruses and enormous hardrive clutter.ystem t
    2. I want a fast system that is not to far away from what I know of windows.
    3. I want my old computer to work at a fast pace and still give me everything.
    4. I want eye candy ( Plenty of that in linux)
    5. I want to control my security on my system and not pay silly money to 3rd party vendors.
    6. I dont want to learn about linux. I just want to be one of the millions and growing users

    Well believe or not almost all distros offer you all that and more.... and yes you can still play some of your windows games too.
    And better to come is more software houses are investing in linux.
    Whatever your reason for joining the linux brigade... dont let the different file formats and computer talk scare you... you will pick it up and be bragging to your friends about how simple it can be to transport from Windows to Linux
    If your new to linux then try Mandrake or LinuxMint. So easy to install and use. Very user friendly. A easy transition form MS to linux

    Having had a few issues with it I have dropped it. Theses issues were simple but annoying.
    1. Install on hardrive and for no reason at all it will not boot up. Seemingly if your system shutsdown improperly (Like power cut... Puppy doesnt like it. )
    This has happened a few times on various computers and lappies. I have tried changing the file extensions from 2 3 and 4 but still same issue.
    2. Very hard to install outside software like Assaultcube. (we all still love a good shootemup)
    So its now history for me.
    Picks up your modem in seconds

    Now comes the little beauties I have found.

    ....... Cant fault it . Except for a newbie it would be a little off putting about partitioning the drive. But maybe too much eye candy.
    Given the fact it is intended for older computers. But still its fast reliable and does a cracking job. Worth reading online how to use Gparted and creating your partitions. Easy really once you understand whats needed
    Picks up wireless modems in seconds

    And this is the one for me....... ZENWALK.
    Yes its got that feel of what it says "Zen" it installs easy found my wireless modem in a blink of an eye. Only issue would be that its worth reading up on line about user accounts etc as that can be sticky if your a complete novice. Other that that... Its fast, sleek and your gonna love it for the way you want to leave your splash screen on display just to let others know your a Zen walker.
    picks up modems in seconds

    As for ubuntu dont bother its getting to big with eye candy which defeats the ethos for many users with older computers. Also even with all its sotfware on Dvd it couldnt sort my wireless modem..Have to add though Lubuntu was fine. (Oddly picked up my modem in seconds.. so it has to say Ubuntu is leaving behind old computers and laptops.

    This is the best news for any newbie........hey dont worry just type in your browser name of distro and problem you have and someone in a forum somewhere probably would of covered it.
    The shear beauty of Linux is that the distros are free and you can download as many as you want and try them all if you want.(take you years but hey its free). Added to that is the more you tinker the greater your understanding

    So are you gonna Zenwalk or what hehe
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    Hey, gd morning from my side of the world.
    I like the stuff you wrote above. I have an old Windows machine and I want to ditch the old OS for a simple very workable linux OS. Let me find out about ZENWALK. I'll post my finding later -- either to give thumbs up or to request for help from fellow forum users.
    Have a great day.

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    +1 Zenwalk (lol)
    openSUSE 12.1
    (choose Other => LXDE for desktop environment, for old PCs)

    Not learn? Security requires it -- Selinux and/or iptables.

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    An awful lot depends on hardware! The Ubuntu family (Xubuntu being my favorite because it's super-simple, intuitive, pretty, and zooming fast) works wonderfully on my Dell. But on a friend's PC it's troublesome. For him PCLinuxOS worked perfectly out of the box, PCLinuxOS is gorgeous and wonderful, but on my hardware it balked, not recognizing sound or peripherals. SalixOS works great on both of our computers. Mepis works great on mine, but not his. Y'see? It's a hardware thing!

    I would definitely use an online "Linux distro chooser" like this one, and THEN look at the hardware compatibility pages for the distro or distros recommended. The better Linux distros have done some homework and provided documentation on which hardware runs their distro best. Here is Ubuntu's hardware compatibility page as an example. If the distro doesn't offer this resource to newbies, then it's trial and error, which could be pretty frustrating to a Linux newbie. Been there, done that, got the teeshirt!

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    I am feeling like a jerk today, so ...

    Quote Originally Posted by welsh_wizard_98 View Post
    I want a fast system that is not to far away from what I know of windows.
    I dont want to learn about linux. I just want to be one of the millions and growing users
    The obvious choices are Microsoft and Apple.

    I want my old computer to work at a fast pace and still give me everything.
    I want eye candy ( Plenty of that in linux)
    An old computer that works quickly with everything, including eye candy. Good luck with that.
    That is like wanting stability and cutting edge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randicus View Post
    I am feeling like a jerk today, so ...

    The obvious choices are Microsoft and Apple.

    An old computer that works quickly with everything, including eye candy. Good luck with that.
    That is like wanting stability and cutting edge.
    Lol, so true... (Not referring to the jerk part of course, as i wouldn't have a damn clue what your like outside of this forum)

    @welsh_wizard_98: Whats wrong with Windows, once you get past those pesky viruses! Besides don't blame Microsoft for the viruses... they didn't exactly design their OS with the goal to bloat up your computer with malicious code. Blame the damn hackers that get a kick out of screwing around with other people's hard work and just obstructing people from doing work on their PC's (AKA being a pest to society in general).
    Although sometimes the line is blurred with these things.

    ~*sarcastically*~ (for the unknowing) I think just for kicks your suggestions should have really ended with telling new users to use Gentoo! Its such a new users distro, easy to install and everything. None of this pesky learning linux crap, i mean who in their right mind wants to do that

    Giving the normal blurb about Linux Mint is good for blah blah and blah or Ubuntu is good for blah blah gets kinda old, really need to spice it up a bit with our suggestions! Throw in some hot chilli's every so often instead of the boring old banana and apple!
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    Fair comments

    Truth is there are many people out there that have had enough of Windows and its unfinished releases.
    Myself I have tried probably 80 or so distros and my conclusions are based on that the distros people most want are for old computers.
    Point of view is simply that is your not a techi. Would you go messing around with the system of your new computer. I think not.

    That is my idea of linux at the lower end. That people are willing to dabble with an older computer.
    I appreciate that there are many distros out there and everyone has an opinion. My choices were through chewing through distros and being practical about what it offered me.

    But point taken.
    My next thread will be on file extensions and partioning tools

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    While i agree with your statement about Windows, i also am of the opinion that like Apple (to my reluctance) both are necessary evils that drive the Operating System market. If they didn't exist you wouldn't have the current competition or rate of improvement in OS technology. While open source does drive development and sometimes lead in it. I don't believe that open source propels any software advances as fast as closed source because there isn't that ferocious competition factor involved. Open-source is more of "i will scratch your back if you scratch mine"
    Also Microsoft's Windows isn't the competitor it once was, due to Vista and largely Apple. I suggest you give Windows 8 a whirl even if it is just in a VM. There is noticeable improvements and sincere dedication to making Windows 8 as good as it can be. Not the half-arsed approach that they gave Vista.

    I think your linux suggestions are great they aren't the normal Ubuntu or Mint. Which is why i raised that point, you always here Linux users say "Ubuntu isn't the be all and end all of Linux" which is a fair statement. Yet despite these comments more experienced users still suggest Ubuntu which sorta invalidates the statement. Not that there isn't anything wrong with Ubuntu.

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    I loved ubuntu/lubuntu/xubuntu 8.04 and 10.04, but after living with 12.04 for a few weeks now, I will no longer recommend that to anyone. I have started playing with Zorin 6 rc, which is only out in 32 bit for now, and after one days look, I like it. If you like the look of windows, it has a look changer which makes your GUI look like windows 7, xp, or gnome. When the 64 bit version comes out, I may switch.
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    [Thank you for seeing my reasoning.
    My history of puters etc is from the speccy upwards. There were times when short of memory we used to use the screen mapping as extra memory.,
    And all of aof a sudden after messing and for years using CPM . Pascal . machine code hehe. up came linux.
    So hard to understand the file structure and its quirky ways . But some of idiots loved it because it was a new path to follow. And at same time almost was windows 1.3
    the company that charged for everything.
    Myself after games I wrote serious software. But all our stuff was free.
    worse we used to hack and pack games onto the old disks lol

    But Move on we do

    Me now I see that Linux is the bench mark for learning. See by a puter and its got windows .... and you accept it even when it slows down
    now we have a new generation that to move on to something new.

    And from this if they are interested in Linux because it revitalizes an old computer..... then great it means they are learning. And if they are learning then hey we may see the the next ground programmer create benchmarks

    About Ubuntu........ When it started it was meant for 3rd wolrd countries. and now they are running software that needs high spec puters....hmmmmm

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