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    Browser Keyboard shortcuts for Linux browsers

    Just some tips

    Ctrl+Tab switch to the next tab in other words, the tab on the right. (Ctrl+Page Up also works, but not in Internet Explorer.)

    Ctrl+Shift+Tab switch to the previous tab in other words, the tab on the left. (Ctrl+Page Down also works, but not in Internet Explorer.)

    Ctrl+w, Ctrl+F4 close the current tab.

    Ctrl+Shift+t reopen the last closed tab.

    Ctrl+t open a new tab.

    Alt+F4 close the current window.

    Ctrl and +, Ctrl+mousewheel Up zoom in.

    Ctrl and -, Ctrl+Mousewheel Down zoom out.

    F11 full-screen mode.

    Space, Page Down,down arrow key scroll down a frame.

    Page Up, up arrow key scroll up a frame.

    There are probably more I don't know about.
    For this site. Like in Chrome/Chromium/Iron browser. To move page left or right for showing content on my EEEPC small screens. I use/hold down the left mouse button and move my cursor left or right to move the page over. I mentioned more about this feature over at

    Feel free to post what ever tricks you know like this in this thread I guess.
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    Nice dude. I'll add

    Ctrl + B - Open bookmark manager

    A lot of these will also work in file managers such as Nautilus
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    At one time, I had a fairly long listing of them but will have to look around for it. Will post them if I can find it.

    Edit: Hmm, I thought I had posted them on the forums before but can't seem to find them. Will post them should I run across them elsewhere.
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