Hey guys,

Officially, I am an enterprise applications programmer, and in our company, we follow a lot of software development methodologies, procedures, and a whole bunch of stuff to deliver quality applications and 0 downtime. We achieve 0 downtime by conducting rigurous testing on the system on different environments (ex. development, user-acceptance, and production test environment.)

I am interested to apply the same concept on my other job as a systems administration/system architect. I'm pretty sure that any enterprise class system follow their own methods.

How do you guys from the enterprise upgrade your systems (specifically Linux), intall new services, reconfigure existing services for new business needs, apply updates and patches, etc.? Do you also have something like DEV/UAT/PROD_TST environments? Is there any equivalent to the CMMI?

I'd greatly appreciate it as well if you could point me to internet resources as I am having a hard time asking google for one.