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    Hello everyone, I'm Essentails

    Hello everyone,
    I am Essentials. I am here to join the Linux development. i want to make my own OS. I want to make a custom one for my and my idea. I know i will need learn. I have some Programming. I am going to uni to do software engineer at QUT in Australia. i am wanting to learn how to make a kernel. With this i want to make a smart phone. Since most of the work is opensource (Linux, Android) i can use these as template for my custom OS. I know i have A lot of work ahead of me and i know i will need help on the way. I just hope you are willing to help me. i might ask stupid question but please try and help. I am trying to learn. I am a fast learner when it comes to computer.

    my history:

    I've mostly used computers my whole life. i have been in all the computer classes. i have done project of my own to learn skill i will need. I have ran game server for a game called Endless online. That gave me the reason to learn to program. I tried to learn C++. Instead of trying to run before i know how to walk i learn a language called Action Script witch i learnt to learn the structure of code. Then i moved on to JavaScript. then moved on to C++. The reason i done it this way was because the only thing i need to learn was the different syntax. after i had the basic programming skills. i went to Tafe doing interactive digital media (game development) and the course got too easy i changed since i only was doing the course to get into uni. Now i am back doing my project since i have almost finished Tafe and will be going to uni soon.

    My project
    I want to make an OS with Linux but only using Linux as a template. i want to make a kernel so i can make my own drivers.

    so as i need to make a kernel can someone please upload me a website to make a kernel.

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    Hello and welcome!

    I'd recommend the two following sites for info that should help you:

    Digital Hermit - Kernel-Build-HOWTO

    Welcome to Linux From Scratch!

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    Welcome to the forum. Best of luck with your studies.
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