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    Country Music Superstar Randy Travis:

    This is insane news of the day. I only saw it on the news because it's not far from Fort Worth.

    Naked Randy Travis arrested on suspicion of DWI, threat to trooper | Crime and Safety | ...

    Country singer Randy Travis faces charges of driving while intoxicated and retaliating against a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper after he was found naked at the scene of a one-car crash in Grayson County, authorities said.
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    Woking in a sheriffs department, I can tell you that this kind of thing is not all that uncommon. That it was Randy Travis adds interest that the everyday DWI wouldn't get, but the act isn't uncommon. We recently arrested a man walking down the street naked, except for an unbuttoned shirt. He told the officer he was going to a job interview. I don't know where he was planning on applying, but I bet the interview would have been interesting to see.
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    Saw something about it on Facebook. Randy was on top of the world and now he's down to this? Following in Jones' and Paycheck's footsteps I suppose.
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    Well, with Country singers like Outlaw Bikers. Street cred comes with being a screw up once in a while.

    Hank Williams Jr. Mugshot - Music

    Willie Nelson MUG SHOT | The Smoking Gun

    Edit: by the way. Willie was busted by the border patrol by my ranch in Esperanza, Tx . I used to drive through that border checkpoint every day. They have xray and dogs and stop every vehicle and question you while they eye you suspiciously.

    So I guess maybe Randy is just trying to be keeping from being type cast as a goody 2 shoes maybe.
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