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    How to take backup in Rehat Linux

    Hi Friends,
    How to take backup in Redhat Linux,how many types of backups are there..
    Can you please give reply for this..

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    Hi and welcome,

    This is a wide field.
    A backup allows you to go restore data to a previous state.
    In that sense, raids and db mirroring do not apply.
    These do:

    - Filebackup
    This can be simple commands (cp, rsync)
    or scripts for one or two machines (rsync, rsnapshot)
    or tools like bacula, which can cover whole networks of machines.

    - filesystem snapshots
    Via lvm or as feature of certain filesystems (btrfs)

    - diskimages
    dd, partimage, partclone, clonezilla can create those.

    - revision control systems like subversion or git
    While these need backup themselves, they can be used as backup from a users point of view.

    - Database dumps
    Speaks for itself.

    Can you give more information, what your scope is?
    - what do you want to backup
    - how much data is expected for a full, incremental, differential run
    - how many machines are involved and what are their purposes
    - how often and when is the backup scheduled
    - etc
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    For more backup and recovery utilities, take a look here:

    Backup & Recovery | Linux App Finder

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