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    Linux Books and similar Ilk vs Microsoft

    So I'm reading this Linux book, and lo and behold its just like every other Linux and MAC OS book out there: Its just a bunch of Microsoft bashing. Microsoft took what in the 80s and early 90s was an intimidating, difficult to use, difficult to learn piece of equipment and made it so that a three year old could learn it and use it. How is this a bad thing?

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    I'd have to see the quote you saw. Generally bashing is kept to a minimum but it happens on all sides. MS and Apple have both bashed everyone else.
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    I've read several Linux books, and never saw any bashing involved.
    Were there detailed explanations describing the differences of the various OSs available? Absolutely.
    I forget the title, but I thumbed through a book last year the spoke quite fairly of Windows and OSX, in regards that there is still a need for those systems.

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    Hello and welcome!

    I've read quite a few Linux books in the past, but don't recall any bashing of Windows, although some books did point out differences between the products. That said, I believe a 3 year old child could quickly learn to use Linux, too, if given a real chance.

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