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    Hello and welcome aboard, priya005!

    You've posted this thread 5 different times and duplicates are not permitted on the forums:

    Four of the duplicates have been deleted but you are welcome to continue any discussion on this topic in this thread if you wish.

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kloschüssel View Post
    Reset it to factory settings.
    That is the factory default setting. And Netgear set it up that way for a reason. If you want the "freedom" to blow what little security an NAT router provides right out the door then please feel free to reflash the device with a custom firmware that eliminates the need for a security log in. This is very easy to accomplish if you are the legitimate owner of the device and have the administrative password. However, you could render the device nonfunctional in the process; i.e. turn it in to a brick / paperweight. And, if it does work, then you'll be leaving your system wide open for every script kiddie in the world to come in and play with your system.

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