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    How to boot into new Linux System.

    I am creating a root file system, with a tool chain. I have bash, grub, kernel, gcc, and glibc install but I'm unsure how to get the system to boot into that newly developed system.

    1) How am I to get the dynamic loader to do what it's suppose to do in the new system. How do I get the kernel to see that my new root system is in fact the root system, as opposed to only seeing the root system of my development environment.

    2) There isn't much out there that can give me more hands-on knowledge to create inittab scripts in the rc.d directory.

    3) The "agetty" program doesn't seem to have indepth tutorials to how it works. Well, at least, I can't find any

    I'm not interested in Linux from Scratch, because I have gone though that and it doesn't provide the information I am seeking.

    I need specific books/ebooks/pdfs that breaks these areas down.

    Thanks for any assistance I recieve.

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    You'll also need coreutils. And a kernel! Or are you going to use your existing kernel with just a different root partition? In that case you'll have to add "root=/dev/sd*" to your boot command line. If you're booting from GRUB, press the 'e' key to get the command line.

    I did something similar some time ago. You can see how I did it here.
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