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    I have given up buying computers designed for the retail market and now buy ex-business type laptops on eBay such as the Dell D630. In our house we have three Dell D630 laptops running Mint 13 and they connect through a docking station to an external monitor when required. Such machines in very good condition are readily available on eBay and the price is around 100 to 120. They are sturdier than retail type machines and although they are a few years old the specifications are more than adequate to run Mint 13 very successfully.

    I know buying computers on eBay is a bit risky but I have replaced a PC and two laptops with these three machines and the total cost was less than the cost of one machine in PC World. I much prefer this set up rather than the previous high cost retail machines which are designed to fail after a few years.

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    Does not look like it Elija but I could be wrong. Would not be the first time I was Mistaken. I bet they ship to England though.

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    It's a pity they are so expensive - if they were a bit cheaper then I would get one; about 1500 for that spec (with a 600GB SSD) is too high
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