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    I think I need more capacity to pull this off. I have a 2nd XPS I can use. Technically it belongs to the wife. But, I can set her up on the IdeaPad quadcore and it will be more than enough to do what she needs.

    Between the host and the VMs those two XPS boxes would give me 8-10 machines, plus the 1501 dual core and the net book.

    So I was thinking of something like this:

    Gateway (Router / Switch / VPN / Proxy / Firewall / NIDS / *nix) (1501 headless)
    Web Server (LAMP / *nix) (VM 1)
    Firewall / Router / Switch (*nix) (VM 2)
    Domain Controller (*nix / Samba) (VM 3)
    File / Print / Mail Server (W7 Ultimate) (XPS Host1) – Honeypot (*nix) (VM 4) – Backup Server (*nix) (VM 5)
    Admin Terminal (*nix) (VM 6) – User Terminal (*nix) (VM 7) – User Terminal (+Admin?) (W7 Ulimate) (XPS Host 2) - User Terminal (Wife on the IdeaPad)


    Attack / pen testing machine: Netbook, running on something lite; like maybe Anti-X for installed tools and using live CDs to run stuff like BackTrack. I have an external CD drive for it. And it won't matter if it's not the fastest thing in the world. It's more about being to practice the principlas without having to drop any more money.

    I also may have a line on a legit copy of a doze server OS. If it works out then the Host 1 file / print / mail server/ domain controller would be doze server instead of W7U and all one machine.

    So you guys think that's a fairly accurate scale model of an enterprise network taking in to consideration what I have to work with?



    I guess I've figured out where to put the mail server and what I can combine? But that still leaves:

    In this configuration (or any other) does the VPN go on the gateway or the second switch?

    Should the honeypot be closer to the outside world or do I want to bury it deep in order to add to the illusion of it being "good stuff"?

    Is CentOS close enough to RHEL for me to learn on or do I need to spend the money on actual RHEL.

    And: Does my physical NAT router go in front of or behind the gateway?
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