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    Arrow Boot time for windows operating system


    i want to write some code in c or command to find out how much time is taken to load windows operating system.

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    FYI: This is a linux forum, not windows.
    For linux, one would probably use Bootchart.
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    Booting information

    Hi ,

    how i can find out the following information regarding the booting of system.

    1> system boot time
    2> system up time
    3> last system shut down time

    please tell me some command or API to know all three things.

    Thanks & Regards;
    Sunil kumar maurya

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    First : this is a linux forum
    Second : MS is SO afraid one could hack their milk cow they won't let you install anything during boot time...
    An Idea : if you want to developp in C language, have a look at Microchip controllers. Developp an circuit plugged into you power led and HD led, let a timer start when power led is on, let another timer start when HDD led is on, and stop both timers when the HDD led is off for 5 full second. You'll have BIOS init time + windows init time +5 on first timer, and real Windows boot time + 5 on second timer. This gadget will also work for Linux if you dare...
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