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    Need some linux advice here

    I'm looking to buy this premade linux machine
    sometime in the near future. I was just wondering what are the good and bad things of premade linux machines, should I get it, or just boot up a normal distro on another machine(i've had problems with this option).

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    Hello, and welcome to the forums!

    I personally prefer to build my own and then install the Linux distribution of my choice because doing that gives me better control over what goes into the system. If I were incapable of building my own, I might consider buying something like you've posted above, but I've seen kids as young as 10 years old build their own systems. In the end, building your own can be a fun weekend project for plenty of serious computer users.

    Good luck to you, which ever route you should pursue.

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    Wholeheartly agree with OZ

    To answer your question though, There are several bad things about buying any pre-made machine.
    1. You don't know the components being used (Quality)
    2. Its more expensive than a self-built
    3. They can overcharge for components
    4. You miss out on the fun of building your own

    From the looks of the site though, they don't look like they are overcharging too much.

    An example is, i built my father this computer:
    CPU: AMD-FX8120 Black Edition (3.1GHz 8-Core)
    Mobo: Gigabyte UD8 (Don't remember the exact motherboard)
    RAM: A-Team 12GB 1333mhz
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850
    HDD: WD Green 1TB
    Optical: LG Blu-ray Combo Drive
    PSU: Antec 600 Watt

    For $1,200 in total.
    Where for something similar they are charging $1,499.

    Its more than my dad will ever use lol, but for the cost compared to a lower end CPU and RAM it was like $100.

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    Purchasing a system preinstalled with Linux may be a good option if the company offers support of their product. This can be a good option for non-technical users that want to take advantage of Linux, but don't know how to install the operating system.

    I have never purchased a pre-installed linux system personally. You tend to get a bit more for your money if you install the OS yourself, but that applies to other OS's as well I suppose.

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    Having a OEM building Linux machines is a good thing. About this setup I have some concerns :
    -the power supply must be of the lowest quality
    -AMD doesn't provide top level video drivers.
    -I don't like integrated components, I do prefer a PCI-Express video board.
    Of course, solving those issues does rise the price of the machine. Anyone must know what he (or she) wants.

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