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    Question Lightweight and Full Featured linux disro for Media Center

    Dear Friends,


    Recently I have decided to make a Media Center using my old PC. having no opportunity to work with Linux yet ,I decided to use one of lightweight distributions of Linux for this purpose.First I tried Ubuntu last version(12.04) , but It was as slow as hell because of my hardware.Then I tried Slax .Regarding my requirements , It really looks great.But unfortunately I have a problem with it too.It does not support Farsi(Persian) language so I could not write Farsi in open office and could not open Farsi subtitles for movies.(I did not try Farsi subtitle, but regarding not supporting Farsi , I guess that I will have this problem).
    So has any one idea about in this regard?
    In fact my requirement is following:

    being as lightweight as possible,(Slax looks great)
    Supporting Farsi(Persian) ,
    Supporting Wine to open simple windows programs and games(Slax looks great)
    Having active users/support to use bundles,apps and updates(Slax looks great)

    My H/W
    CPU , Intel 2.4Ghz
    Ram 512Mb DDR1
    Graphic : 64MB ATI

    Sorry for tooooooo long message!

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    You could take a look at media-centre distributions, stuff like XBMC. If you download the XBMCbuntu .iso, you can install the whole system from it.
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    Hello, and welcome aboard!

    You could also check out distros such as Element, GeeXboX, and Mythbuntu to see if any of them would serve your needs and work well with your computer hardware.

    Good luck to you with your media center project.

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    CPU , Intel 2.4Ghz
    Ram 512Mb DDR1
    Graphic : 64MB ATI
    Sounds like my Emachine I got out of a dumpster and use as a media center in my motorcycle shop. I bumped up the ram though to 1 gig from 512MB and run pianobar (cli pandora radio), xmms, and Hulu Desktop on it piped into a stereo amplifier and ceiling speakers and a tv with a vga port on it.

    It runs Antix though. Being based on Debian testing

    Debian -- Status of PO files for language code: fa — Persian

    Farsi should be supported OK in

    dpkg-reconfigure locales
    in terminal as root. Wine and everything else Debian has to offer should be supported also, (I don't use wine).
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    +1 for antix, and a super easy install. I recommend icewm version for default. Mine idles at 52 MB of ram. And antix has a small, but extremely helpful and friendly community if you join their forum.

    Also, Lubuntu is a very fine lightweight distro that is pretty full featured.

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    I'm not sure where you are from, or which countries speak farsi. I did a search on for Iran as country of origin, and it recommended: 1. AriOS
    AriOS is a user-friendly, Ubuntu-based distribution containing extra applications, multimedia codecs, Flash and Java plugins, many tweaks and a unique look and feel.

    2. Parsix GNU/Linux
    Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation DVD based on Debian GNU/Linux. The project's goal is to provide a ready-to-use and easy-to-install operating system based on Debian's testing branch and the latest stable release of the GNOME desktop environment. Extra software packages are available for installation from the distribution's own software repositories.
    You can do a search on for your country and others that speak farsi, and see what it recommends.
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    Thank you guys.
    I try to check all suggestions on my PC and inform you soon.Meanwhile any other recommendation to an amateur Linux user will be very appreciated.

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