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    What linux distro would be best for me?

    I have a good computer, so speed isn't a issue. I would prefer to stay away from gnome-shell and unity, just because their not my taste. I love Pantheon (elementary OS) but sadly, It's not stable. I was thinking maybe debian? I would like a distro that used .deb files.

    Thanks (:

    Oh and what distro do you use?

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    You might want to give Linux Mint a try - it is "the distro" right now, and is a Debian (Ubuntu, really) derivative, so it uses *.deb files. It uses Cinnamon for a DE, a Gnome 2.x styling of Gnome 3. Cinnamon is getting adopting everywhere on its own right.

    I use Fedora/RHEL/CentOS myself mainly (RPM-based). When I want to go with .deb files, I've been happy w/straight Debian.

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    Maybe give SolusOS a shot. SolusOS

    Oh and what distro do you use?
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    SolusOS looks interesting and it should be well put together. Ikey was the brains behind LMDE.

    I currently run Fedora but I have the attention span of a hyperactive mayfly so who knows that'll last.
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    According the following: [support for deb package installation without gnome/unity] I would say that - besides Linux Mint Maya (w/Cinnamon) - LM KDE and LXDE releases would be great to try out, older ones like Kubuntu can be a solid alternative. And, of course, you can install Debian without a graphical desktop environment, and pick your favorite later, but that will depend on your Linux background (I would like to know more about that).

    I run Debian Squeeze as main OS with Gnome 2 DE, Compiz WM and Emerald window decorator (looks pretty nice for me), now I'm in an adventure of installing Arch Linux on Virtualbox with KDE currently running as Desktop Env (I should say... I love AUR)

    hope to hear from you soon - c'mon tell us witch you pick up

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkOnFame View Post
    I would like a distro that used .deb files.

    Oh and what distro do you use?
    Hello and welcome, aboard!

    I can't say what the best distro for you would be, but you can go to the DistroWatch search page and there you can search for Debian-based or other distributions that use .deb files: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    I personally run Arch and have been for many years but it doesn't use .deb files, so it probably wouldn't be of interest to you.

    Hope you find something you really like.

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