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    Arch Linux Vs Crux Vs Slackware

    For the last 5 years I've been using Gentoo as my main OS, however recently portage doesn't seem to want to install anything.. major issues with installing libreoffice (libreoffice-bin installs fine) I'm not the only one with issues and I loved gentoo because of the Cflags and Useflags.. But it's unusable at the moment and I can't just wait for it to be fixed.

    So, I basically have it narrowed down to Arch, Crux, and Slackware linux. Crux and Slackware install software from source but don't know if they contain Cflags and Useflags..

    I like arch as it's easy to install, an LVM+Luks setup takes about 10 minutes to install along with base and grub2 using pacstrap. I have never installed slack or crux,
    I'm leaning towards crux because it's like arch just a bit more stable but I believe I can still get the same package version. I like slackware because of it's age, I don't like that it's a 2GB download, slack needs a minimal or net install...

    Now I've been using Linux since the early 2000s and never had issues with installing, but crux really doesn't have a decent wiki to go by unless there's an install.txt file with the iso.

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    No, Crux doesn't have USE flags. And it doesn't have big official repos like Gentoo. But if you want something that runs like greased lightening, I heartily recommend it.

    Slackware is actually a binary distro. You can install from source using slackbuilds but that's generally used for stuff that isn't official. The Slackware people recommend a full install so, yes, it's big.

    Both these are entirely stable. Arch is bleeding edge.
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    Hello and welcome aboard!

    Each of those distros is the best for someone, but for you the best option would be to actually try each of them and make up your own mind. I've used them all at one time or another, and at the moment Arch suits my needs and desires. I remember disliking Slackware feeling so big and bloated with the recommended full install, and Crux did manage to give me some fits with dependencie while installing apps, but other than that they were both excellent. I've had great results with Arch, so will be sticking with that until the urge comes upon me to change.

    Best of luck to you with whichever distro you claim as your default Linux...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    No, Crux doesn't have USE flags.
    I thought you could create and use /etc/make.conf for any distro ...

    @OP I found Crux ports failed to compile packages more than portage ymmv

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