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    Why people use linux server to render movies ?

    I have heard that many special effects in movies are rendered on linux servers. But doesn't that the single task OS can run faster than the multi one ? Then why don't they use DOS ?

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    I moved the thread here since it's not really a call for help but rather just a general question.
    One reason may be is because Linux is free and they save money by not having to pay license fees for "other" operations systems and it's associated programs. I do not think DOS is actually good enough to run the programs they need to run in order to make thse movies.
    Here is a good link that might expain things better for you.
    Hollywood Loves Linux - Softpedia
    DreamWorks created a render tower made up of dual 1GHz P3 2GB RAM computers housed in a 1RU (1.75") package stacked 41 units high, which can replace computers consuming 40-50 feet of data center rack space.
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    Many special effects companies use Linux for numerous reasons.
    Being free and not having to buy licenses for each pc is a big factor.

    These companies run server farms. They have several hundred to several thousand pc's all connected to a main job server.
    The job server takes the whole project and breaks them into pieces then sends a piece of the job to each pc hooked to it.
    Now instead of one pc trying to do the whole task, you have a thousand or more pc's working on each task albeit a very small part of it.

    When the pc finishes its task it sends the completed piece to the server. Once all the pieces are retrieved the server it sends them to another set of computers that assembles the pieces into a complete project. By doing it this way the task is completed a lot faster then can be accomplished by one or two pc's.

    Other reasons they use Linux.
    They can scale it down to optimize the software used to create the special effects. No need to run services or antivirus software which would slow it down.
    They also have software developers on staff that create specialized software for the special effects task. Because all the libraries and needed files are gpl or licensed other ways, they don't have to pay someone like Microsoft to license DirectX or development library license fees.

    Remember that they use a lot of pc's and each one of these would need a OS license plus other license fees.
    The savings are incredible and Linux can be highly optimized to run their specialized software.

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