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    Quote Originally Posted by retired1af View Post
    Far too many are willing to jump on the "bash Microsoft" wagon again, when it's not just Microsoft driving the initiative. There are 11 major companies involved in this.
    It does not matter who is driving the intiative, if it relies on a key issuing authority with no means for user acceptance (or for that matter rejection) of a binary - based on whatever method the user wishes to take in order to ensure the software is genuine then it is less than optimal. No automatic system will cover all use cases ... 99.99% is not good enough if you are in the 0.01%

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    Anyone having doubts that Microsoft is still in control of the computer industry is wrong, in my opinion, so it's very likely going to be a tough road for Linux users when all those on the board bow to Microsoft, although a couple of the current members probably do so unwillingly. As noted previously, it will all work itself out in the end, one way or another, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing it unfold.

    ...crosses fingers, wishing for luck!

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    No you are right Jonathan . But the reason Microsoft is copping the blame is because they are trying to lock down PCs like Apple does by taking advantage of Secure boot. If Microsoft wants it own secure hardware with just Windows, it should organize agreements like Apple to have that hardware built and locked to Windows like the new Windows Surface (just a demo that they can do it).

    I understand its all love and war, and trying to remove the competition, which is why Microsoft is taking this approach.

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