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    Either at home or at work or down the pub

    An online resource that also has a book should you prefer is
    Should you be sitting wondering,
    Which Batman is the best,
    There's only one true answer my friend,
    It's Adam Bloody West!

    The Fifth Continent

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    man is your friend

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    I keep backup images of important things and redundancy wherever possible. I have two portable systems plus a netbook and a smart phone, so if any one of them fails, I have alternatives. I have more than a half dozen system images on each portable system, and I have an external USB drive with local backup copies, plus plenty of things saved in various network locations. So no one single point of failure knocks me out completely; at most, I lose a few things.

    Command-wise, I know what I am doing; I've actually DELIBERATELY wiped out systems in the past using the famous root command rm -rf /. You can use dd to wipe out the drive too, if you are going to replace its contents!
    Brian Masinick
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    Quote Originally Posted by cousinlucky View Post
    Although Mr. Stephenson's book is nicely written about computer history; it does contain any terminal codes.
    I should have asked at LF before buying his book.
    I picked-up a copy about three years ago (paperback), and downloaded the text-file from Stephenson's website*, converted to EPUB with Calibre, and read it off my Android devices. Pretty amazing incites for a book written long before the dawn of the iPhone. At the end of reading it, you're going to look at almost any Word-Processor and think, "no," and begin to use a text-editor. Love this book!

    *Aside from a few Geeks and college students, there's not enough market for this book to make money. That's why he does sci-fi.

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