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    - Asteroid capture is complete.

    - The new Yildiz's version is released.

    - New panel to display resources gathering info.

    - Arrow keys to move camera.

    - Coming up: a new ship!

    - The Alpha test is still available, do not hesitate to give it a try

    - Check the website for more details:



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    This does look cool. But it looks like something I won't play for the same reason I won't play Eve. Time and obsession
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    @Elija: Thank you anyway ^^


    - A new ship is available: the vulture, the mesh is not final and there will be a change on speed, range and damages.

    - Soon, it will be able to "jump" to distant location, using an amount of energy.

    - Download the game to check the new version which JUST has been deployed on:

    *Your feedback is always welcomed!

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    Would not mind taking this for a drive but I don't do FB.


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    The game looks good, I would like to see how the gameplay is. Also will this be keyboard and mouse only or will it support game controller?

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    mactruck: Thank you

    Actually it can be played only with keyboard and mouse for now.

    I can't post any url links so far if you are ineterested to try the Alpha version tell me and I'll send you the link in a private msg.

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    Working on a powerful AI system; goal driven. This will give a better behavior to the units.

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    -The latest version is deployed with pretty much improvements.

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    - An important part of the software has been rewritten:

    *the destruction of units, the code is now way better and less error prone, it was necessary to hunt some bugs really hard to identify.

    - Now the focus is on new features and visual improvements; 3 major bugs are left(unit not destroyed when HP = 0, unit not responding to a move order in some case when attacking and the loss of mouse/keyboard when using the unit list window). They shouldnt be too hard to fix, but the exact cause still needs to be identified through more testing.

    - Launcher side: The news will now be displayed in the same language as the one chosen for the game(English and French are currently available)

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    -The newest version is now deployed. It is mainly focused on internal changes and some minor visual improvements.

    -Check it on the web site. For those who didn't try it yet, you can always download it from the same website.


    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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