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    The newest release!

    Try Yildiz-Online new version by creating an account then downloading the game from the website:

    Bugs fixed:

    -Wrong texture in unit list window.
    -Exception server side fixed.
    -Velocity was not sent with a move action when initialising game.
    -Move request ignored when a unit was attacking.
    -Wrong staff value for mining guild level 3.


    -Poly count for several objects reduced(firefly is now 3800 instead of 14000!)
    -Physic engine compiled with optimisations on.


    -Asteroids are now in correct position for 1st planet.
    -Improved camera zoom.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    Bug fix:

    -The mouse selection lost precision when being far away from the universe center.

    New features:

    -Added the vulture skill: FTL jump: it cost 150 energy points(vulture have 200 max) and allow you to teleport everywhere on the map in an instant!

    -Display game FPS.

    The new version is deployed and here is the GamePlay video as promised!

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager

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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    Linked for you here......

    Thanks a lot!

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    Bug fixed:

    -mouse and keyboard input were ignored in some cases after using unit list with tactic map open.

    -Move lines were buggy, removed.

    -Selection was lost after using selection rectangle with empty result.

    -Camera positioning was not always set correctly in tactic map.

    -Fixed a regression server side causing a high CPU usage(nearly 90%)

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    The new ship abilities system is progressing(vulture already had a jumping ability but the former system wasn't allowing to add new features easily).

    The new ship will be an abilities based ship with no direct attacks but will mainly focuse on zone damages with missile launch.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    - Missile system is progressing well, there are only some few visual improvements to be done before the new release.

    - The GUI will be also slightly changed so that to allow the access to management screens without any need to select the base.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    - The new ship is ready with a better lightening system.

    - Slight UI and performance improvement. Sagittarius speed is fixed as well

    - Coming up: The newest release !

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    - Messaging system is nearly complete.

    - Client: needs some minor visual fixes.

    - Server: needs some logic to be able to receive the messages written on the website.

    - Try the newest version on the website:

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    - 200 new colonies were added to the game
    - Accounts limit is set up to 400

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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