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    - Coming soon: A new release! it mainly focuses on minor improvements, like translations, graphic fix...

    - Some new researches will be available too to improve the vulture damages.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    The launcher has been successfully updated, it is now able to update the embedded JVM (this will not affect your java installation, it is completly separated).

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    Client side:

    - Tactic map improvements with a better info window positionning.

    - Fix the focus if mouse was over an icon, and get focus when map is open. It is no more required to first click on it.

    -The game is still uder Alpha test, so for those who want to try it, send me a pm.

    Yildiz-Online Commuity Manager.

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    - Soon: The newest release .

    -Protocol is going to be changed to reduce the initial loading time, static object position will be hard coded.

    -New researches will be added.

    -A new ship will be available, it can repair other units, and later will be able to build buildings on specific positions.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    -The new ship is progressing well, most of its logic is done.

    -The new researches for the Vulture have been added.

    -Now building a unit requires appropriate Spaceport level (lvl1 for Firefly and Bee, lvl 3 for Vulture, lvl 5 for Sagittarius)

    -Currently, some visual bugs are getting fixed, in tatic map with line of sight position.

    -There aren't any visible changes to be noticed for the website but you'll notice now that it loads faster and has a better SEO:

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    Server is running for more than 1 month without being restarted, no memory leak nor CPU increase. It should be considered stable now.

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    - Bug fixed: Panel buttons were not working correctly.

    panel bug.jpg

    - The planets atmosphere shader rendering is fixed now.

    yildiz new.jpg

    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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    Hi everyone!

    It's been a while since we last was in contact with you. The absence was due to the time and effort needed for this MMORTS game, as there is only one programmer working on it. However, the absence was worth it because of the improvements that have been brought to the game.

    This is a summary of the change log for the 0.13.0 verion:

    -Move to java 8
    -Review completely architecture around entities.
    -New module system for entities is ready to be added.
    -Colonies and asteroids are no longer visible by default.
    -New collection API to manage nulls.
    -Improvement of the build.
    -Improved the connection screen to display an error message if the server is down.
    -Many bugs are fixed.
    -The new modular ship functionnality (possibility to customize the ship by changing its weapon, thruster, shield and so on...) is progressing well.

    You can always download the game for free(from the website) to try the newest version and give your opinion about it:


    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.

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