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    Possible doze 0day or bad MS update floating around?

    Hey everybody,

    I haven't been around for a while b/c I've been digging through my books, tweaking, hacking and building. So far I've been able to find solutions to stuff and I've been too burried to pop in and ask questions, BS or answer stuff.

    I just wanted to give everybody here a heads up. I know a lot of us run mixed environments or dual (+) boots.

    This is only anecdotal: In the last two days I've run in to a cluster of doze failures across a few different environments.

    1) Both of my work terminals have BOD'd.

    2)The network in my wife's office has lost all contact from the terminals to the printers. Even though they can all "talk" to the server and the server can "talk" to the printer there is no pass through the server from terminals to printer.

    3) My wife's laptop suffered a catastrophic / OS level hard drive failure and I'm still digging around trying to get the NTFS data partitions to mount so I can pull her data back out.

    I have a back up of her data. Worst case scenario I'll pull her data out of the back up, but she'll lose about two months worth of stuff; which fortunately this time around wouldn't be much in the grand scheme of things.

    None of what I've said here constitutes *proof*, but my 30 years of experience tinkering tells me when these clusters of weird errors start popping up then it's usually either a bad MS update or some new zero day in the wild.

    So I just wanted to make folks aware of the possibility and let every know that now may be a good time to make sure that you're back ups are up to date.

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    There have been a lot of weird updates coming out due to Java insecurity and compatibility with Windows8 tweaks, including a Service Pack for Win7-32bit.
    What can I say? Clonezilla's your friend...

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