Cousin Lucky, good to see you back! I just heard from Dragonmouth, a friend in another Linux forum who lives in Westchester County; he had been without power all week until today, and still has plenty of mess to deal with, though not as much as others who were even closer to the "main action" of the storm.

I just got off of Facebook with a few of my Masinick cousins, who live along Lake Huron, perhaps 70-80 miles north of where I live in Clinton Township, Michigan. One of them lives in Lexington and a few of them live where they grew up in Port Sanilac; it's a small harbor town on Lake Huron, and they have a harbor refuge there where boats can dock; it has a long breakwall to protect the harbor from storms. On Tuesday, it was quite a scene, with 40-50 MPH winds whipping up Lake Huron with waves 10-15 feet high; perhaps not what New York Harbor faced, but it was big enough; they had many pine trees knocked down, power out, and various issues on a much smaller scale than NYC. Because it is a small town and because it was not in the eye of a hurricane, it did not have anywhere near as serious damage, but I do believe that the storm from Canada and the remains of Sandy intersected out there along the banks of Lake Huron; I heard a similar thing happened near Cleveland. Perhaps we'll here more stories like this in days ahead.

I have a friend in Utica, NY, which is west of Albany, the state capital. Albany is along the Hudson River, 3-4 hours north of NYC. Utica is less than an hour west of Albany. While not on the hurricane path, it was directly on the remains of the cyclone path; here it is, early Friday morning and I still have not heard from this friend.

I continue to pray for the millions of people still affected by the damage caused by the incredibly wide and long path of this storm!