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    In the Old Days --- Ah!

    I have not been in a bar, lounge, etc for years but i remember the worth of a good " mixmaster " ( bartender ) and good music
    to an establishments reputation. I came across this article that reminded me of a few places and the drinks I used to enjoy there.

    Top 10 Bar Drinks
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    They're wrong about the martini surely. It should be gin and vermouth, no vodka in it at all. I think the reason it's so popular is that people like me who don't know much about cocktails always order a martini because it's safe.
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    If you ever come to Mexico here are some drinks you can order:

    Margarita: Hi, I am a tourist.
    Vampiro: Like a margarita but spicier, popular in the holydays.
    Caballito: One shot of tequila, in one of those funny little glasses.
    Mojito: Well , it is getting trendier.
    Cuba (cuba libre): Rum & CocaCola or brandy & CocaCola
    Campechano: a Cuba but adding mineral water.
    Maroma: Tequila & apple soda
    Corona: Hi, I am tourist
    XX, Pacifico, CartaBlanca, Kloster , clear beer
    Bohemia dark beer , very tasty
    Negra Modelo dark beer , very tasty
    Indio : In between dark and clear, very tasty also
    Tecate : Add salt and lemmon, very refreshing

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    Yes, you're correct, hazel; however, nowadays, most trendier bars use vodka unless gin is specified. Try a Bermuda Highball , but use only 3/4 oz of dry vermouth, or to-taste.

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    good site indeed.

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    Makes me wonder, what would Tux drink?

    A martini garnished with a sardine?

    Seems that after a little research, the drink from where Tux is from, Finland, is Koskenkorva. It is a grain alcohol marketed in the EU labeled as Vodka. So Tux most likely drinks it, or a martini made with it. Sardines optional.
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