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    Is this for real or just slick advertising?

    Do you need a " covert distribution "??

    DE(E)SU - Liberté Linux

    You can securely, reliably and covertly communicate with other Liberté Linux users via the familiar e-mail interface, using serverless cables communication — a CMS standard-based stateless messaging protocol featuring repudiability and perfect forward secrecy. E.g., if you are, say, a general in US military, give a USB key with Liberté to your mistress, and avoid many needless unpleasantries!
    All networking activities like browsing and chatting are automatically Torified, with I2P locations transparently available as well. After the system receives a network address, the only external traffic it emits is encrypted communication on HTTP(S) ports (used by Tor). No other traffic is sent — not even DNS requests. I2P traffic is routed through Tor, too: you will be able to use I2P even behind the most restrictive firewalls. In addition, a special Unsafe Browser is available for the express purpose of registration in open Wi-Fi hotspots, if necessary. Liberté can be also booted in non-anonymous mode, with all other security features left intact.
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    Yep.. it's real. And it's part of a growing niche for folks who are somewhat paranoid about ISPs or other parties possibly tracking online activity. I've not looked into all of the details of it, but then again I don't do anything online that would interest even the most bored or desperate of computer crackers.

    Just for comparison sake, here's another one like Liberté:

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    it's not about what you are doing wrong online ... FreedomBox Foundation

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    Does this mean that if you are a dissident from *** you could surf forbidden websites in the USA? Or that residents of the USA could surf blocked websites from other countries? Or does it just allow secure communications between you and your mistress?
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