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    Ubuntu going Commercial? No.

    Hello. Recently I have heard a lot of talk online about the future of Ubuntu and how it will go commercial soon. I think this is a bunch of baloney. Here's why.

    1. Ubuntu was specifically made to be free. Mark Shuttleworth wanted, when he was first making Ubuntu, to be able to have a free OS that is just as good and simple as anything that you would pay for.
    2. All of those ads you see on Amazon and other sites are just meant for support for the Ubuntu team. They don't actually force you to pay. They're just asking for an offer. Same goes for the Ubuntu download pages.
    3. Ubuntu uses ads to pay their workers to further develop the OS. Workers need a salary(Apple!). The workers don't want to go commercial; they are just asking for a little boost to help them along

    Hopefully, there will never be a time when a Linux distro goes commercial.

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    linux going commercial isnt really a bad thing in my mind. Linux going commercial is like the android OS it is an awesome thing that was developed in mind to make money we all use it and some of it is open source hopefully one day it will all be open source. so really it depends on your definition of commercial

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    I'm unable to say for sure what would happen, but I'd think that if Ubuntu were to go commercial, around 90% or more of their users would opt for a free distribution, and I'd think more like 99% of the fully seasoned Linux users would. If I were an Ubuntu user, and they were to go commercial, I'm 100% sure that I'd go with a free distribution. To each his own, though, and it really would be interesting to see what would happen should they make such a move.

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    In my very humble opinion Ubunt 12.04 is just an " arm " of Google Enterprises!!
    I do not have the money for a new computer so I use AntiX12 as my main distro
    and I use PCLinuxOS 2010 Gnome for my 2 websites and my pictures.

    I'm hoping that some Linux distro decides to build quality computers with their
    distro already on it. Say Samsung and some Linux distro teamed up to do that,
    I would seek a loan to get one of those!!
    PCLinuxOS Gnome and PCLinuxOS Mate
    Linux user # 414321
    You Should Not Give In To Evils, But Proceed Ever More Boldly Against Them!! -from book six of Virgil's Aeneid
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    I would like to see another main-stream commercial server distro.

    What the linux world is missing is a seamless desktop and server infrastructure similar to MS active directory. I would happily pay for a server license if the compatible desktop software was free.

    I realize that RHEL has a desktop offering, as well as a directory services offering, but they IMO haven't really put too much effort into polishing that. Win2k8r2 is so cheap, there's no reason to bother with LDAP or other software that takes ages to setup and deploy, so I view RHEL effort in this area near non-existent.

    If Ubuntu can develop an enterprise server distro that can seamlessly integrate Mac,Linux,Win, and mobile devices, it would be a big hit.

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