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    What can you do with Linux and what do you do with it?

    So I have been using Linux for a year now, and I'm not advanced or anything, but I'm sure you can do more than just what I'm doing (Google Chrome my main application
    I like having a virus free OS for my PC and family PC for the internet.

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    I've been a long time Linux user. My preferred distro is Fedora. I have a couple of laptops with Fedora installed. I also have a few desktops. One desktop is my "daily driver". Another is configured as a server. It stores backups from other computers in the house and runs ftp, mysql, nfs, ssh, samba, httpd and more. These are all used at for different purposes. I enjoy the hell out of this stuff!
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    I do all sorts of things with it. Right now I'm studying for RHCSA/RHCE certification, so I use it for those tasks. I also do some casual web development, and light programming from time to time.

    Other than that, I do all the stuff one would do with a commercial desktop operating system, and it's relatively headache free. I use linux exclusively on my desktop and laptop, and have been for the last 3+ years.

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    I'm a musician and to me the greatest program ever written is MuseScore. Awesome notation program, and to top it all off its free software (or open source if your so inclined).

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    I do everything I used to do on windows except crash a lot. In addition I have discovered Virtual box and audacity, which I could probably have done on Windows, but didn't know about. Main thing is I don't catch virus's or drain my checking account buying apps.
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    Pretty much anything you want to do with a computer.
    At the office and at home is a very good desktop (Mandriva and Mageia)
    At work we use it for:
    the company's website
    some of the intranet
    voip (asterisk)
    some e-learning(moodle)
    virtual host
    and whatever we can come up with

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    Now, now, boys. Don't start a flame war.

    I've been programming computers since 1983 (Apple ][ anyone?) and I love linux.

    I should delete this paragraph, it's a bit venomous, but it's a good part of why I love linux: Windows gives me a headache and makes my wife cry when she uses it. My nephew likes it because all he does is play games with it, but I keep it off the net so it behaves. And Apple is all about selling stupid overpriced crap to people who don't know any better. Sorry.

    I got into linux in 1997 (NetBSD and Slackware) when I discovered how frail Win95 was (BSOD... BSOD... BSOD... oh another BSOD...), and loved it's quirky do-it-yourself attitude right away. I very much like a machine that does exactly what you tell it - no more and no less. No auto-upgrades, no .NET framework, no viruses, no BS. So I guess I love it as much for what it doesn't do, as for what it does do.

    The only thing I haven't got it to do (besides play the game du jour) is send a fax with the silly winmodem installed in it, and that's just because I never cared enough to try very hard, and I have a fax machine sitting right next to me for the couple times a year I need it.

    I also love solving puzzles and learning new things, and even though I've been using this system for 15 years, I still discover wonderful things about it that I never knew, on a regular basis.

    I'd rather spend 2 days on a C program that does exactly what I want, than download some mystical exe from a warez site in 15 minutes that promises to do something like what you want, but ends up just infecting your system with crap and corrupting the registry with garbage that never goes away. I don't trust black box sh*te.

    Linux itself has never pissed me off. Some of the software that runs on it might need some work, but, hey, get the source code and fix it. Submit your patches. That's your job. It was free, after all.

    And at least you can.

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    While I agree with everything you just said, Linux has pissed me off SOOOO many times, but I still like using and got over it

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