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    Doze rootkit and spyware in wine?

    What's up everybody. I've been away for a while, working on my UB12.04 remix. It turned out great, it's just what I want and I learned a lot.

    Now for an odd question:

    After my wife's HD blew up I built the remix on her system and used remastersys to extract an installable copy.

    During the course of things I bought an EA game and installed in on my primary W7 rig that I had tweaked out just right. Well, evidently the friggin thing included one of those stupid DRM rootkits like Sony got slapped for a few years back and it rooted my system. On a doze system once rooted I never try for a repair, I always start from scratch.

    So I blew off the 7 install.

    I'm going to try installing my remix on my spiffy machine with the Optimus issues. Since April when I started to really get in to *nix my skill level has improved a lot and so has the kernel. I also found several hacks from different sources that have come up with novel solutions to exporting to an external monitor through the DGPU.

    I think I'll be able to cook up something spiffy.

    I see there are patches available now that will let NetFlix run on *nix through wine, so I'll give that a shot and maybe renew my subscription. I dropped NF over a year ago b/c they changed the routing of their content pipeline, started pumping content through Akamai and added in a bunch of tracking crap.

    The game which rooted my system is also supposed to run in wine like charm.

    I have zero experince with wine so far.

    So, does all of the doze tracking crap work in wine?

    And what are the security implications of installing a known doze DRM rootkit in to wine? Would it run, would it effect the "main" *nix part of the setup, would it open up holes outside of wine, would it be able to install hidden rules in my firewall and hidden entries in my system startup like it did in doze, etc?
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    If it infects Wine, it should not affect your base system. Just uninstall Wine and you should be Fine...
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    Wine will run Windows viruses but they seem to be easier to remove.
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    Well, I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject and from what I've found wine is "malware compatible", does not work well with most doze security programs and *may* enable doze malware to do such things as change start up settings or firewall rules (seems to be a lot of controversy on that last bit).

    But, a few important security precautions can fix that and most involve changing some default wine settings. But, the most important thing to do seems to be to install wine to a chroot jail so that if malware does corrupt stuff outside of wine it can't mess with your "real" root in the process.

    So, that's what I'll do once I figure out all the other stuff I need to do.

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