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    Greetings, Last time I programmed, Java was a recent invention....

    Greetings, most helpful of forums (not having used one before), new innovations (new as in year 2000 selinux and such) have kept me coming back)

    Special thanks to Atreyu.

    So any new apps or innovations since say 1999, let me in on it. Fedora 17. mostly perl, mysql and my old techniques, but if there is something that can be learned quickly, (suppose there's a nice gui that builds database interaction to CGI by now, if I had kept at it I'd written a web based one). [then again, was famous for programming myself out of jobs, last web 'prototype' was used 13 years without a single call back, replaced it this last year, they said they didn't even make a single update], now programming for my own companies.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you join us.
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    Welcome to LFo. Btw
    now programming for my own companies
    Companies ? more than one ?
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    Ruby on Rails is the "flavor of the month" programming environment at the moment. It has some plusses and minuses, but is worth learning. There's certainly lots and lots of code available for use if you go that way. Just prowl around GitHub (the "flavor of the month" source code maintenance system) to see what's out there.

    Also, since 1999, AWS for cloud based hosting of servers, storage and databases instead of doing it yourself. And picking either "chef" or "puppet" to automate configuration management of the service you build. Whichever one you pick, you're almost obliged to hate the other one with irrational passion. Good times!

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    thanks for the welcomes. First time I've had a linux box in so long, enjoying having a box again. Suppose I'd feel comfortable with cloud computing if I had a non-profit. Yeah, used to program in a university think tank (where good code go's to dissappear when the PhD's start arguing over who's it was), so was turned off to coding for a long time. figure the only way back after the stigma was to build me own. Would think my programming is dated (even though I started at 7 years old), but guess linux is almost 40 some years old now. Suppose once I've built enough, I'll take time to see the new stuff. Guess I'll have to use php or java to update web page menus based on gui selections on same page? frames still in use? heh. This place has been so amazing, more help than I had in the laboratories. Now my technique is, wow i'm growing dependent, I think I can do it on my own. but jeesh these training wheels are stylish!

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