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    Hello, I can see some reading is in order !

    My only experience with Linux is on the Nokia N900, I've ran the odd line of script through it's terminal and made it spectacularly crash on more than one occasion. The phone is still going strong and I loved the way you could do everything with it without Maemo 5 throwing a tantrum. I mainly copied and pasted bits of code from the Maemo forums, I can't claim any real knowledge.

    So having used Windows for years I have now, after replacing it with a laptop, have a reasonably specced desktop (by 2004 standards !) than can be wiped and begun again with. I decided to see what all the fuss was about after finding out Android is Linux based as is iOS.

    As a complete and utter newbie steeped in the ways of Windows and not young any more (I started with Z80 machine code on a ZX81, then Sinclair Spectrum) I think I've forgotten what knowledge I had (which was little), but I do remember the fun I had designing and animating a blocky alien of my own after typing in thousands of digits of hex. Call it a midlife crisis, if you want, but I want to learn again on a computer I don't really care about what happens to, so I've decided to jump in.

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    Welcome dynomot!

    Best Linux Software
    Find Open Source Alternatives

    That should be enough to get the gears moving.

    By the way, once you login to that machine you can say goodbye to sleeping on the weekends.

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    Best way to learn Linux is, install it in your machine ( any distro ) and start playing/experimenting with it. Dual boot setup makes transition easy for new users. Just my opinion !
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    Welcome to the forums. I too started with an old sinclair and tape drive, and converted to linux 5 years ago. You're not too old to learn, in fact we have quite a few um, experienced newbies and users here. has litteraly hundreds of disto's (linux distributionss) that you can read about, download, and try, with the top 100 in popularity listed on the right side of the page in order of popularity. Currently Mint is the most popular, but not long ago it was ubuntu. You can also do a search, such as beginner, or for a particular desktop environment, or according to lots of other criteria, and they will bring up the distro's that match that criteria. Almost all the distro's can be burned to a DVD/CD as an ISO and used as a "live" distro. Tht means you can try it live without installing it to your system, but it won't save any downloads or changes you make. A live distro is useful in determining if you like that distro, and if it will work with your hardware. Try a few distro's and come back with any questions you have. Good luck!
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