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    Linux Mint vs OpenSUSE

    In your opinion, what do you believe to be better? I am trying to decide what one to install on my new build.
    As of now, OpenSUSE is at the top, because I am having massive trouble installing Linux Mint.

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    On the distrowatch list Mint is #1 and OpenSuse is #5, so both have proved popular. Might as well ask if chocolate or vanilla is better. try both and see which one appeals to you most. For me, it is the repositories that make the main difference between distro's. For my needs, debian or ubuntu based disro's have more of the aps I want in their repositories, so I pick a distro based on one of them with an xfce, lxde, gnome2, or mate desktop.
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    Another good option would be to install both, but on separate partitions or drives, then you can dual-boot between them to play around with both options and make up your own mind which works best for you and your computer hardware.

    In the end, I doubt that either of them is truly all that much better or worse than the other, but you might find that you prefer one over the other for reasons of your own.

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