So as the title suggests, i am considering creating a beowulf cluster using a Sega Dreamcast (maybe multiple depending on how hard and expensive the required components are to get) and my existing PC, however i have a few questions that i am unsure about, which don't just apply to a setup with a dreamcast.

1. Does it matter that the hardware used will be different between the master & slave node/s, even though the OS will be the same?
i.e. The Dreamcast uses a Hitachi SH-4 microprocessor while my PC uses a 64-bit AMD processor.

2. How much of the hardware can be shared in a beowulf cluster?
Aside from what i know which is the master node can pass off different processes to the slave nodes allowing it to utilize the memory and cpu power, but can it also access the graphics processing power as well?

3. How important is a kvm switch in the whole setup?
I have read mixed articles, some say you need it and others say its not necessary but is useful when first setting it up.