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Thread: Is there..?

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    Is there..?

    Is there a command to break up the output of a command into sections or pages?

    I'm trying to find a drive's disk identifier using fdisk -l, but doing so outputs everything at once in putty and scrolling up only displays 17 drives, and I have 22 drives in total.

    I would do grep but I don't know the actual disk id.
    Right now I did, ls -l /dev/disk/by-id, which worked alright.

    Anyways is there such a way to break output up into sections or pages?

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    Pipe it into a pager, e.g.
    ls -la | less
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    thank you so much.

    I figured it was something simple, hopefully I can remember the next time I need it.

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    Also, if you are using putty, you might consider extending your scrollback buffer beyond the default of 200 and/or setting up logging. I don't often do the logging thing (though I should), but I set my default scrollback to 20000 lines or more, which works great for me. Also, the whole right-click on the title bar and selecting copy all to clipboard works great with an extended buffer to copy and paste the contents of the window to another program to work with (say, notepad++).


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    ctrl+c will break the command

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