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    new to linux and cluless

    Hi all
    I'm a new comer to linux os and need just a little advise before i dive off the top board into linux pool! Am I better to install linuxs as as stand alone os,or can I run a duel os,I'm trying to turn my PC into a home network server but I'm not quite sure if this is possible,any advise would helpful,even if its just pointing me to right thread as I'm sure this topic has been covered in great depth before. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximus1963 View Post
    Am I better to install linuxs as as stand alone os,or can I run a duel os,I'm trying to turn my PC into a home network server but I'm not quite sure if this is possible.
    Hello and welcome aboard!

    Yes, all the above is possible. The dual-boot option is probably the best route until you are on your feet with Linux.

    Good luck to you with your journey...

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    I agree with oz. You should go for dual boot only. Install Linux in a separate partition. Make sure to create free space for Linux before starting installation.
    Which Linux distro are you planning to install? Post your machine's specs here.
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    Welcome to the forum. Jump on in, the water is fine.
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    I'm still fairly new and learning myself. I would encourage you to stick with it. From my own experience, and from reading posts by other new users, the begining can be very frustrating at times. But, it is totally worth it. I still ask more questions than I answer around here. But, after about 8-9 months of studying, researching and experimenting I've been able to compile from the shell up (think command prompt) a fully functional OS and a tons of programs to go with it. Personally I'm rather proud of myself and think it's pretty spiffy. If you looked at it you might not think so much of it. But, that's the great thing about linux: You don't have to settle for what I or Microsoft or anyone else thinks is a good idea. You can make it the way *you* want.

    For getting started I'd say do a little partition work first: Back everything up including your windows install. There are programs out that that will let you put it back "as is" so you don't have to start over from reinstalling windows if you goof something up as you learn. After you back up your install and your data resize your old windows partiton by making it smaller. Create a partition setup for linux. Do a little research before you do any of this and make sure you understand the difference between how windows and linux set up their partitions. Then create a separate data partiton.

    Then setup a dual boot and give both OS's access to the data partition and you'll always have acces to your data no matter what OS you're booted in to.

    If you're fairly new to that kind of stuff that will take you a little bit to do and you'll learn a lot in the process.

    And feel free to ask for help. I do all the time!

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