I can't wait for this baby to hit the market. It's already got Ubuntu integration, they just finished it.

My typing blows chunks. I have to keep switching between looking at the board and looking at the screen. I'd love to be able to throw a keyboard up on the screen and type by moving my hands in the air while I keep everything in my visual field.

Plus, I could actually get some use out of the spinning cube desktop. I've tried it out and dropped it because it's just so awkard for me to keep looking up and down and to fiddle with the mouse and keyboard.

But, I see data in 3D in my head. When I try to lay out anything more complicated than a grocery list on paper I always flow chart it because I'm trying to replicate the way I see it in my head. But, flow charts only go so far.

I would love to be able to reach out and grab a 4/6/20! sided virtual cube and use the spatial relationships between cube facets as part of the information matrix.

Plus, things like copy/paste become simple finger swipes.

I could work soooooooooooo much faster.

Set up dragon in wine and drop the current interface completely.

Now all we need is for them to perfect 3D holographic monitors / projectors!