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    I used Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 before my laptop died. I don't the exact numbers, but I never shut it down (except rebooting after updates) the whole 5 years I had it. In fact, my backlight burned out from being constantly lit for several years in a row.

    It never once shut down or crashed on it's own... unless, of course, I forgot to plug it in. Maybe the next kernel will fix that. ^_^

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    24 days.

    Don't know exactly, but I had to leave town the 12th of Dec, came back early this morning, install updates and reboot .

    Computer is my daily, I hat it with the SSH server on waiting for when I needed to snag something off one of my many HDD's while away.

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    Yeah, I gotta get that kernel module that keeps yer battery charged.

    16:02:25 up 27 days, 8:37, 1 user, load average: 0.35, 0.29, 0.50

    But, in my defense, I hack at stuff pretty bad. Last time I rebooted there were usb issues. I had completely confused devfsd by plugging and unplugging stuff with my USB hub too much. I was up to, like /dev/sdx1 or something and it wouldn't give up, so I did. I didn't want to find out what it did after z. But I think I exposed a shortcoming in my devfsd. Or usb module, or... maybe it was the expensive fresh gound coffee. I recall it being particularly good that morning.

    And sometimes I reboot just out of sympathy for the poor thing. It works so well, I let it lay at a vc1 login prompt for the night with a nice dmesg blanket to keep it warm.

    Peace and Cheer.

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    pegase      up 514 days
    capella     up 436 days
    uranus      up 348 days
    andromeda   up 314 days
    duhbe       up 181 days
    aldebaran   up 135 days
    antares     up 123 days
    venus       up 100 days
    naos        up  73 days
    aries       up  54 days
    cassiopee   up  38 days
    altair      up  34 days
    elnath      up  34 days

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    so shall I hit up

    or look at the

    cat /proc/uptime

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