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    I'm beginning to like terminal commands more and more...

    I had no idea how to use shells when I first moved to linux. After 5 years, I am beginning to notice that I use terminal more than the GUI. It seems like it would be slow and cumbersome, but with auto-completion and all your shortcuts at your fingertips, it turns out to be MUCH faster.

    The windowz command line sucks. Every program has a different syntax and is filled with weird and obscure characters.

    Anyone else agree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aomimezura View Post
    Anyone else agree?
    erm...yes, I would agree. In fact, that is one Linux Forums poll the results of which I believe I could accurately predict with %0 margin of error: 100% of Linux Users agree - the Windows Command Prompt sucks it. :)

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    I can still remember my first encounter with the DOS prompt. I was used to mainframe shells like DCL. I'd never used Bourne, but DCL has similar facilities for variables, control structures, etc. DOS had none of them; I couldn't believe how primitive it was. And this was supposed to be the wave of the future? When I started using Linux and discovered Bash, it felt like a return to civilised values.

    I find these days that I don't use graphical file managers at all. I have emelfm2 installed on AntiX but I just never seem to use it because CLI is so much quicker and simpler.
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    I refused to use X until 2005, and even reluctantly until about 2008. Console all the way, baby. I had the framebuffer going, a version of Gtk and Gimp that used it, and Midnight Commander to surf the system and do ftp. I even had my own framebuffer window system working (it was a pet project, alas, lost in a drive crash). Fast as light, no overhead.

    I got sick of using lynx as a web browser, so I now use X and Icewm, but I still do nearly everything from a terminal window. Alt-F11 fullscreens it, and it's just like the old days. It's so much easier (and more satisfying) to write a short script and give it a 3-5 letter name (the *nix tradition), than to go hunting and pecking through the menus and dialogs of some bloated app to get the same job done.

    I also have a theory that remembering all those commands and arguments helps to stave off dementia. I'd be willing to bet that people who don't use the command line go senile younger than those who do.

    Just a theory.

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    Personally, I don't dislike either a GUI or a command line. They both have tasks they are suited to and I am happy to switch as needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    Personally, I don't dislike either a GUI or a command line. They both have tasks they are suited to and I am happy to switch as needed.
    Agreed. Though I tend to lean more on a terminal, certain GUI tools do serve their purpose quite well.

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    I tend to leave a terminal emulator up even when I'm in a GUI, and find launching GUI apps from said terminal much faster than clicking through whatever menu system there is.

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    If you want to get things done and move on to other work, the command line is the way to go. Of course, it takes some effort to learn the proper commands, but once that's done, you can make some real headway. Yippee for the Linux command line!

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