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    I tried Red Hat when it first came out in 1994 but settled on FreeBSD 1.0. I stayed with FreeBSD for quite a number of years but kept a machine for trying different Linux distros. At some point- I don't remember when - sometime after 2000 I guess, I began using Ubuntu as my main distro and stopped using FreeBSD. Not being a fan of Unity I'm using Xubuntu 13.10, Saucy Salamander, on my laptop and running openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) on a pc. Both are 64 bit versions.

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    my very first distro was Mandriva but i cant remeber when i started. So it must be very long ago .

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    My first time using Linux was with a live CD containing kubuntu. Later I went on to dual boot Ubuntu releases and Backtrack. Mostly I only dabbled in Linux and I never had used a Linux distro exclusively until recently. I just bought a cheap notebook not too long ago intending on dual booting Ubuntu with the dreaded windows 8 using primarily Ubuntu. I must had been far too familiar with Windows because though my intent was to use Ubuntu, I had been using windows more than I had planned. That was until I accidentally installed an Ubuntu update over the windows partition forcing me to have to "learn to swim" so to speak. It was the best mistake I could have made. Now I'm hooked. I've been using Ubuntu 13.10 which works flawlessly for me however I've just started to toy with Arch Linux. So far so good.

    By the way I'm new to the forum. I'm glad to be a part of the community.

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    My first Linux distro was Red Hat Linux 7.3. I got it along with the book I've purchased before, "Red Hat Linux 7.3 Bible by Chris Negus".

    I discovered Linux way back during my college days. I've been informed by a friend from a neighboring school that they're celebrating a founder's day, and they're hosting a free seminar from EPSON, Cisco, etc., and that there will free stuff given to those who will register. Registration was limited and so me and my roommate registered on the seminar.

    During the seminar, we've learned about EPSON, Cisco networking, etc. Last but not the least, there we're a group of foreigners who we're promoting Linux. They we're promoting Q-Linux at that time, a distro based on Philippines. The distro was something like a customization of Red Hat Linux.

    One speaker, a foreigner, said that he's using Q Linux in the office (of course he's working for Q Linux) but his main distro used at home is SUSE. He said that SUSE is much easier to manage than Red Hat. At least that's what he said. The other participants on the seminar knows Linux or is using a distro at their PC. One mentioned about Debian, others are mentioning Slackware, that they like it better than Windows as they are able to do some tasks that can't be done with windows.

    Me and my roommate knows nothing about Linux.

    After the seminar, all participants we're given a Q Linux distro CD and a large poster labelled "Anatomy of a Linux System by O'Reilly". Until now, I have the poster posted on the wall on my room.

    But I've never installed the distro as I don't have a PC or laptop at that time. All I have is the CD.

    I've only used Red Hat Linux 7.3 after I've purchased a book with the CDs in it. I've tested it on my brother's desktop PC, Pentium 4, the fastest PC at that time. Dual booted it with Windows 98.
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