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    I started with Ubuntu 6.06. I've stuck with Ubuntu ever since but have also used, Debian, Mepis, Crunchbang, Bodhi, PCLinuxOS, Xubuntu.

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    I started with Ubuntu 11.04

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    My first distro was open suse 10.1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulW2U View Post
    I first played with Red Hat, Mandrake and may be others in 2000 I think. It was a very poor experience as very little seemed to work after days of fiddling with configuration files.

    10 years later I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and have stayed with the Ubuntu family since by using all four main flavours. In the main, everything seems to work first time.
    EXACTLY my path! I also started with Red Hat. After that switched to Mandrake. I especially liked Mandrake because of the easy to use interface and the online courses on learning linux. This was in the late 90's. Then I used MS for a while and with 10.04 I rediscovered linux. I became more active in the opensource world and with the coming of the Unity desktop, I decided to get rid of MS for good. No more dualboot for me. Just plain Ubuntu! Now I am on 12.10 on my laptop and for the servers I manage I use Zentyal. A set of packages on top of Ubuntu LTS that turn Ubuntu server into a fullblown Small Business Server.

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    Mine was a Suse disk back in 2002 I got at Walmart before Novell bought the company. I couldn't get it to work because it didn't recognize my modem. Glad Linux has gotten so much better since then.

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    Unix System V on an AT&T 3B2 back in 1991.
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    Vector Linux SOHO 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by retired1af View Post
    Unix System V on an AT&T 3B2 back in 1991.
    Oooh, i bet that was exciting at the time... now its just history. Although System V is still running, don't know how it compares to Linux, Solaris and *BSD in terms of support and performance.

    Someone that has access to System V should to a benchmark comparing the current UNIX systems. It would be interesting to see how they compare. Oh and just for controversy you could add Windows and Mac

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    My very first was RedHat, then Mandrake, and after a long 6-7 year break (not by choice) I got my own laptop four years ago, and have been Mint faithful ever since

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    Caldera Linux back around, 2000 maybe? (guessing on the year) From a disk included with a computer magazine. I looked at the disk and wondered what this "Linux" thing was.

    Maybe it was closer to 2003/4 since I joined this forum in '04 and many other Linux related forums in '03/'04.
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    My first - Ubuntu 7.10 because W2K told me my 6 month old HDD was dead* and Ubuntu used it quite nicely.

    Switched to Xubuntu, Crunchbang and now using VSIDO (Debian SID) it's 64bit only.

    I've 'tried' half a dozen others, but never got into them seriously.

    *SilTaz Linux is still using that HDD on my MIL's old Conpaq

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