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    What was your first Linux distro?

    Mine was Linux Mint 12 back in January in 2012, but I almost used 11 which is no longer supported. To bad 12 support ends in April

    I'm actually downloading the DVD iso of Mint 12 right now, I miss it lol (why is it so big BTW??)

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    The first distros that I played around with were a few LiveCDs. Ubuntu, Knoppix and DSL.
    My first full install, however, was Fedora Core 6. I like the yum package manager, and by enabling one or two repos, you have a software selection that will handle almost any application needs you may have. I just got tired of the constant 6 month release cycle. From Fedora 8 onward, I started my distro-hopping journey.
    I'm actually downloading the DVD iso of Mint 12 right now, I miss it lol (why is it so big BTW??)
    Mint includes quite a few things out-of-the-box that some other mainstream distros don't. Various multimedia codecs, plug-ins and such. There is also a bit of bloat. And by that I mean that you'll find several available applications for the same task (multiple text editors, for example).

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    I first played with Red Hat, Mandrake and may be others in 2000 I think. It was a very poor experience as very little seemed to work after days of fiddling with configuration files.

    10 years later I installed Ubuntu 10.04 and have stayed with the Ubuntu family since by using all four main flavours. In the main, everything seems to work first time.

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    I started with Red Hat 6 (pre-Fedora Red Hat, not RHEL). I dual-booted it with Windows 98. In those days I didn't even have an Internet connection. Then I upgraded to Red Hat 9, single boot, with a rather slow external dial-up modem. Then Ubuntu Dapper Drake (my only brush with Ubuntu). Then I got a router and became a regular here.
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    My first Linux distro was RedHat 9 and I switched to Fedora 6 after a few months. I still have RH9 and Fedora 6 CDs/DVD with me as souvenir.

    After Fedora 7, I started distro hopping. At one time, I had 7 Linux distros in my test machine. Its been almost 6 and half years since I installed Linux first time in my machine and I have tried 30+ distros till now. Austrumi, Slax, Knoppix, Gentoo, Puppy, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Slackware, Fedora, Debian, openSUSE, AntiX, Mint, Mageia...... list goes on..

    I am using Mageia 2 these days. Debian and CentOS are my preference for Servers.
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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    My very first delve into Linux was Red Hat 5.0 but I didn't hang around too long. My first proper Linux was Mandrake 9.0
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    NetBSD off 10 floppies I think, in about 1997? Downloaded from dial-up over a few nights. The PC was 386.

    Then Slackware on a 486, same method. I don't think they even numbered the OSes back then. It always hung right after boot until I discovered the 'no-hlt' kernel option which fixed it. Excellent system. Hack hack hack. I loved it. I still used win95 for some things.

    I used that for a few years until XP came out in 2001. Scored a bootleg cd from a Russian tech I was working with, right after the system came out. The absolute peak of MS' empire, IMHO. That was when I was into Quake and map design.

    In 2005 I finally bought myself a shiny new Acer 3502 laptop. Then 40G HD was split in 2: XP on the first, empty on the second. The right ALT ket is actually printed with AltGr. Ready to go for linux. Mandrake10 on the second partition, and that's what I'm typing on at this moment.

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    Started with Ubuntu hardy Herron 8.04 and ditched windows. Stayed with Ubuntu through 10.04, but changed to Mint when 12.04 came out.. On laptops I have used Lubuntu, AntiX, and a few others.
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    arch linux
    It was back and forth for me with very early versions of Red Hat and Mandrake back around 1999. After a few years of almost constant distro-hopping, I found Arch and have settled there nicely, although a few other distros do get tested now and then just to see what other distros are doing.

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    At work we changed our ERP system from Novell 4.1 to SCO Openserver (back from SCO use to be good guys), so we needed a terminal emulator software, we bought it and along came a free Redhat 5.2 CD and started playing with it (kernel 2.0.36, around 1996). My next distro was mandrake 7.0 I stuck with mandrake/mandriva and now mageia because they have a very good spanish translation.

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